Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pools of Light

I've recently acquired a Pool of Light bracelet and necklace/choker. I've been reading quite a bit about them and find them fascinating. Here's some of what I've found:

For thousands of years this optically clear quartz has been used as gemstones because of its enchanting ability to absorb and affect light. Possessing the property of double refraction (where images viewed through them appear upside-down and reversed) these works of art are from turn of the century and are increasingly more difficult to find, especially in wearable condition. Pools of light jewelry were believed to have a magical and mystical effect on the wearer.

I find them quite beautiful. I looked through my bracelet's orbs and everything does appear upside down. It's quite fascinating!

Here's some more info on Pools of Light:

Pools of light jewelry carries a mystique all its own. The ancient Chinese held the belief that the chi of good luck resided within each bead, and if drilled would escape. As a result the orbs that make up "pools of light" are solid and joined using wraps usually made of silver.

All of the information I've found says that Pool of Light jewelry is pre-1930's. If anyone has heard anything different, please let me know.

I've included a picture of my bracelet. I'll post pictures of the choker soon.

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Anonymous said...

I am wondering. Can you please tell me how the orbs are attached to the metal links. I'm guessing they are attached by an extra tab at the top of the orb that inserts into the open cutout in the metal links? I am asking as I have seen a necklace where the orbs have a "knob" on top of the sphere that is drilled for jump rings, but they do not interfere with the upside down images in the orbs. I'm just wanting to see other examples of this, where the orbs are drilled or attached via a tab or knob that is part of the quartz stone. I think the idea that the orbs should not be drilled, meant not center drilled, as center drills show and interfere with the orb upside down images. Also, how do you know they were made in the 40's? T.L.