Sunday, February 3, 2008

New day, new style

I recently purchased Costume Jewelry 101 and 202. I am really enjoying vintage jewelry and love to find the history behind each piece.

I'm slowly updating my collection. I found a HUGE 1930's cloisonne heart pendant and a 5-strand aurora borealis (circa 1950's) aspirin shaped beaded stunning necklace. Here's some pics of them.

But now I'm moving into watermelon rhinestones, demis, and Juliana style. I managed to get my hands on a Juliana Demi and a 1940's Goldstone Demi and I can't wait to actually touch them! It's almost orgasmic!

One collector I've found interesting and I'm looking for 9 of the 12 pieces. I have 3 of them. Crown Trifari's 1970's Zodiac pendants. They are so hard to find! But I'm working on finding the other 9. Wish me luck!

And while I know Graziano is from the HSN and is not considered vintage, I have this beautiful butterfly brooch that I think I'll keep for a while. Is it not beautiful? Large aquamarine upper wings with an amethyst centered stone and fire opals (not sure if they are real or not) as the lower body. It is beautifully designed and centered.

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